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Apartament Colibri 2021, from the initial planning stages to overseeing every aspect of the renovation process, this apartment had a complete transformation:

We planned and exchanged the kitchen, bathroom, floors, doors, windows and also the walls received a new plastering and fresh look.

After the renovation was complete, we added the final touches by carefully selecting furnishings and decor. Our aim was to strike the perfect balance between modern renovation and preserving the charm of the original features.

We preserved some of the apartment's original dark wooden doorframes and integrated antique furniture pieces to achieve a balanced mix of tradition and modernity.

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image-Photoroom (10).png

Casa Sol a Sol was taken over by its new owners fully furnished - our task was to change the rather cold and unpersonal looking into a warm and cozy holiday rental. 

Working closely with the owners, we rearranged furnitre, added some additional interior elements, plants and décor while incorporating their own art pieces. We thoughtfully prepared the space for the holiday rental season, ensuring every guest's comfort: from well-stocked kitchen utensils to cozy bedroom linens, soft towels, and sun loungers for outdoor relaxation.

The result - a personalized welcoming holiday rental where guests can relax and feel right at home.

Casa Palmeira, a large villa located in Vale da Telha was purchased in a severely neglected condition. Renovations were carried out by our team, including reconstruction of certain areas, refurbishment of all the walls, and updating the electrical system, resulting in a fresh canvas for decorating.


The entire house was furnished and decorated, turning it into a cozy and impressive holiday home. Additionally, concrete works were done to install a BBQ area, and a pergola was built for the Jacuzzi section, by our team.

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Vivenda Duneta, upon purchasing this lovely 3-bedroom townhouse in January 2023, the owners expressed a desire to change the look of the house. Our proposed plan included replacing various decorations such as wall decor, vases, lamps, curtains, and pots, as well as larger items like all the tables, chairs, living room shelves, and TV furniture.

Each item was carefully chosen to align with the owners' preferences, resulting in a complete transformation of the house within a few weeks.

Furthermore, we made upgrades to enhance this holiday rental by acquiring items like all linen and towels, baby bed&chair, yoga mats and additional kitchen appliances, ensuring a more comfortable stay for holiday guests.

This house in Monte Clérigo, was empty for many years and we took it over in a rather run-down condition. In general, we had to try to make the best of it with as low a budget as possible. Our first job was to give the interior and exterior a fresh look with a new painting, making small repairs and finally adding the essential furnishings and decoration to create an inviting living atmosphere. 

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